Last Updated: 12/17/2020 12:02 PM

Go.edustar is a service that provides parents and students with real-time access to student information which includes: 

Attendance records, Grades/report cards, Schedules, Demographic information

Upon enrolling your child, you will receive a one-time welcome email providing you with credentials to access your account.  
If you did not receive a welcome email, please click here to have your login credentials emailed to you. 



Go.Edustar Parent App

Parents can download a FREE App from the online retailers based on the device they use.
Guide for go.edustar Parent App

  • Apple Products – Visit the Apple App Store and search for go.edustar
  • Android products – Visit the Google Play Store and search for go.edustar 

Need help accessing your go.edustar account?  Click here to have your account unlocked/password reset.