Board Of Education

Mrs. Adele Hopkins - Vice President

ADELE HOPKINS has been a board member since December 2003.  For her first ten years she was board treasurer and chairman of the Finance Committee, as well as being a member of the Capital Projects Committee.  Adele was involved daily with the building of the new stadium and major renovations to the rest of the school which included the auditorium, main gymnasium, planetarium, elementary center and roofs on all school buildings.  Adele has also been active in the Greater Charleroi Community Development Corporation for the past 30 years and is currently the President.  This organization has bought and rehabilitated 18 houses in Charleroi and built 7 new townhouses, all of which were immediately sold. They are currently working on Meadow Park, a green space in the residential area of Charleroi and prior location of several Charleroi Schools.  She retired in 2002 after 35 years of employment with the Federal Government, having been the District Manager of the Charleroi Social Security Office for many years.  Adele's husband, Walter, is a retired teacher from the Charleroi Area School District.  Lifelong residents of the Charleroi Area, Adele, her husband and two daughters are all graduates of our school district.  Presently, three of her grandchildren are students in our district and one is a graduate.  She currently holds the position of Vice President of the School Board