Vandalism of School Bathrooms

CASD Families,

We wanted to make you aware of a viral TikTok challenge that has been developing across the nation,
and unfortunately, has made its appearance known today at the Charleroi High School and Middle
School. The TikTok trend known as “devious lick” has caused quite a bit of vandalism throughout our
building. Kids are encouraging each other to steal random items, mostly from school, and it resulted in
soap dispensers being torn off of walls, soap being spread across our floors, teacher materials being
stolen, and even bathroom sinks being pulled off of our walls.

Our goal is to ensure students feel safe and comfortable at school. Moving forward, CASD
administration will centralize bathroom usage to areas that can be monitored by staff. We would
appreciate any conversations you can have with your children at home regarding these concerns. Please
note that school vandalism is subject to suspension and reparations of damages.

Thank you for your support

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